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Smoking is Not Good on Your Teeth or Oral Health

Saturday, Jan. 13th 2018 6:32 AM

How smoking damages your teeth

It goes without saying that smoking is overall just bad. Yet people still smoke and since this is a dental insurance website we are addressing just the dental side of things. Bad things that smoking will do to your teeth and oral health.

* If you like to have nice white teeth and you are a smoker then just forget about having pearly whites. It does not take long for the nicotine and tar to begin staining your teeth and causing them to become yellow. People that are chronic smokers, their teeth can become brown if they have been smoking for years.

* Guess what hard to have good breath if you are a smoker. Smoking can cause halitosis or otherwise know as bad breath. If you are a smoke the bad breath will not be fixed by brushing you teeth or using mouthwash. Anyone that gets near your face will know you are a smoker.

* Smoking effect blood flow. Since smoking can cause poor circulation, it can reduce the blood flow to your gums. Because of this the gums are deprived of essential nutrients so they begin to suffer from gum disease. Due to the reduced blood flow, your gums may not bleed, so you may not know something is wrong until it is too late. Gum disease is the number one reason for tooth loss in the U.S.

* Oral Cancer. Studies show links to smoking and oral cancer. Worse then that is that oral cancer patients die within five year mainly because oral cancer in not usually detected until it is in its advanced stage.

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