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Baby Dental, The Signs and Symptoms of a Dental Abscess

Friday, Jan. 19th 2018 6:54 AM

A dental abscess is a serious infection in the tooth’s pulp. This type of infection needs to be taken very seriously and be treated ASAP, because if left untreated the infection could spread to other parts of your body. Therefore it is also important to know the symptoms of a dental abscess. Gum symptoms include, redness, pain, swelling, open sores and presence of a small bump (gumboil) near the infected tooth on either the inside or outside of the gums.

Tooth symptoms include, pain while chewing, pus around the edge of the infected tooth and persistent tooth sensitivity. Additional symptoms can include, swelling elsewhere on the face such as the jaw, a bitter taste in the mouth and extremely foul breath. If you show signs of these symptoms you may have a dental abscess and should see a dentist right away.

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