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Baby Dental Blog, What is a Periodontist Dentist?

Monday, May. 17th 2010 6:32 PM

Hi I am eight months pregnant with our first child.  I have been having some issues with one of my teeth hurting.   I went to the dentist  that did a filling.  I feel much better.  However, the dentist stated to me that I should see a periodontist dentist after I have my child.   He said that I have some gum issues that could be  because of being pregnant but to have it looked at.   That he could do a deep cleaning but feels I should see a periodontist dentist that they have in their office.

I was just saying okay and that I would look into doing just that after I have the baby and we settle down some.  The thing is I am not sure what a periodontist dentist is and what it is a periodontist dentist does.  I guessing it has to do about my gums or having a deep cleaning is that what they do?

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Baby Dental Blog, What is a Periodontist Dentist?, 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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3 Comments on “Baby Dental Blog, What is a Periodontist Dentist?”

  1. Andrew Gollab Says:

    A periodontist dentist is a dentist that is a specialist in gum care. Sometimes when you are pregnant you can have gum issues you never had before. Which you may need to have a periodontist dentist address. My wife had to have a deep cleaning when she had our son. Her gums were fine about three months after our son was born so talk to your dentist about it and do what you feel is best for you.

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  2. Charlene Davey Says:

    Well before you see the periodontist dentist you may want to make sure your dental insurance covers for specialist. Some dental plans do not. It is better to know ahead of time then to be shocked by a bill you thought you did not have to pay.

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  3. Suzanne Hope Says:

    I would have the treatment your dentist is advising you to have. Many women may experience a degree of gingivitis while pregnant, since gingivitis/gum disease occurs in 60-70 percent of pregnant women.

    You can get gingivitis while pregnant which start around the second month and lesson during the night month. Having it treated is very important to you and your unborn child.

    Maybe since you are so close to having your child at this point your dentist wants you to be seen by the periodontist dentist. I would not put it off for too long after the birth of your child.

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