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Baby Dental Hygiene: How do I get my son to brush his teeth?

Mar. 28th 2024

I have a six-year-old son and a five-year-old daughter. My problem is I have to fight with my son to get him to brush his teeth after breakfast and dinner. He always starts by saying he does not want to brush his teeth. I also have to watch him the whole time he is brushing to ensure he is doing it.

My daughter has no problem brushing her teeth but sees my son acting up when he has to. If I let this continue, she may feel like she does not have to brush either. Sorry to say, but my husband is not helping in this matter.

He tells my son that if his teeth rot, he will not pay for fixing them. He is too young to understand what my husband is saying to him. Advise on how to get him to want to brush would be helpful.

Reply: Getting children to brush their teeth can be challenging, but you can try a few things to make it more appealing for them. First, make brushing your teeth a fun activity. You can play their favorite song or create a game out of brushing. You can also let them choose their toothbrush and toothpaste, making them more excited to brush. Additionally, you can brush your teeth with them, so they see that it’s a regular activity everyone does. Lastly, you can reward them for brushing their teeth by giving them a sticker or allowing them to pick out a bedtime story. With creativity, you can make teeth brushing fun and encourage your child to develop healthy dental hygiene habits.

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Dental Health, Dental Schools – Baby Dental

Mar. 16th 2024

Question: I am in bad shape and need significant gum grafting care. I am low-income but have dental insurance for primary dental care. However, my current dental insurance will not cover the necessary gum surgery. Are there any teaching hospitals for dental care I can go to that will provide the services for free? 

Answer:  I am sorry you are in bad shape and need significant gum grafting care. Understandably, you are concerned about the cost of the necessary gum surgery. However, there are some options available that you can consider. One possible solution is to look for dental schools that provide free or low-cost dental care. Dental schools often have clinics that offer dental services at a reduced rate. Since these clinics are usually staffed by dental students under the supervision of experienced dentists, you can be assured that you will receive quality care. You can also check with your local health department or community health center to see if they offer dental services. I hope this information helps, and I wish you all the best in finding the care you need.

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Baby Dental – Pros and Cons of a Dental Discount Plan. 

Mar. 14th 2024

Dental discount plans are an excellent low-cost alternative to dental insurance. Like insurance, it has its pros and cons. 


  • Most dental discount plans start from online ordering on the first of next month or within the next business day.  
  • Most dental discount plans do not have any waiting periods, max limitations, or deductibles. 
  • You are not assigned to a dental provider office, though you do need to go to plan providers. 


  •  You have to go to plan providers. There are no outside dental discounts. 
  • You pay for all dental services but at a reduced or discount price.
  • Dental discount plans are not insurance. They are discount plans.
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California Oral and Dental Health Care – Baby Dental

Mar. 12th 2024

Question: I think my sister needs better oral and dental health care. Her teeth look yellow to me, and when I ask if she saw a dentist, she says she can not afford to see one. She is a single mom; I would like to help her because I do not think she has the money to get her dental care. Is there a cheap dental plan out there? 

Answer: It’s great that you want to help your sister with dental care. Dental care can be expensive, and many people find it difficult to afford. However, there are some low-cost dental plans available that she could look into. Medicaid is a government program providing free or low-cost health insurance to low-income people. In some cases, it may cover dental care, so your sister could check if she is eligible for Medicaid in her state. Another option is to look for community health clinics or dental schools that offer low-cost or free dental care. These clinics can provide your sister with the care she needs at a reduced cost.  

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Baby Dental – Avoiding the Dentist 

Mar. 1st 2024

Question: I am 28, and although I have dental insurance through work, I still don’t like going to the dentist. I have yet to go in for my free twice-a-year cleaning because even that makes me nervous. Can you suggest some ways to overcome dental anxiety? 

Answer: One good way to avoid having more extensive dental care needs is by seeing your dentist regularly. Avoiding the dentist is never a good idea. By seeing your dentist for your checkups and cleaning, the dentist can spot any minor dental issues and treat them before they become more prominent, more costly dental care needs. I understand having dental fear issues, but talk to your dentist and go over your fears. The more you address your concerns and fears, the better you will be able to handle them. Do not let your fear stop you from maintaining healthy teeth and gums. 

Here are some additional tips to help overcome dental anxiety:

1. Communicate with your dentist: Tell your dentist about your dental anxiety. They can walk you through the process and help you feel more comfortable.

2. Bring a distraction: Bring a book, magazine, or music to distract yourself while in the waiting room or during your appointment.

3. Practice relaxation techniques: Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or visualization to help calm your nerves.

4. Choose your dental appointment time wisely: Schedule your appointment when you are less likely to feel stressed, such as early in the morning.

5. Bring a friend: Bring a friend or family member to your appointment who can provide support and reassurance.

Remember, your dental health is important; regular checkups are necessary to maintain it. Taking steps to overcome dental anxiety can help you receive the dental care you need for a healthy smile.

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Baby Dental – California Dental Network

Feb. 29th 2024

Question: I am reviewing the different dental insurance plan options you have, and with regards to the California dental network plans, the 460, 411, and 595, how do they differ?

Answer: They are all HMO plans, so they work similarly. However, the more you pay for the plan, the less you settle for the higher-cost dental care services. Therefore, if all you have is the twice-a-year check-up and cleaning, you may not need to get the more expensive California dental plan 595. If you have more extensive services, you may want to avoid buying the least costly plan since spending a little more will save you money on your more extensive dental care needs.

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Baby Dental – Good dental health can help you look younger.

Feb. 27th 2024

Did you know that the position of your teeth and your smile play an important role in aging your face? As we age, we show less of our upper teeth when we smile. Tooth wear alters the youthful proportions of our teeth; teeth become yellow, and the soft tissues of the face begin to sag as they become less supported. An esthetic orthodontist can enhance the facial appearance and reverse signs of aging through orthodontic treatment alone or coordination with other dental and medical professionals.

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How Your Smile Helps You to Stay Competitive

Feb. 23rd 2024

One of the first things many people will notice about you is your smile. Therefore, your smile is like your calling card. Having a great smile will help in the increasingly competitive market. More adults are looking for an edge in the job market and investing in themselves. They want to look the part and make an impression. A great smile is a big part of this, and studies have shown that a better smile can lead to better earning potential.

In addition to helping you in the job market, having a great smile can also boost your confidence and self-esteem. This can translate to a better quality of life in all aspects, including personal relationships and social interactions. When you feel good about your smile, you are more likely to smile more often, which can positively impact those around you.

So, what makes a great smile? While many factors are involved, the most important are straight and healthy teeth, good gum health, and a bright, white smile. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your smile, many cosmetic dentistry options can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

It’s important to remember that taking care of your teeth and gums is not just about aesthetics but also plays a crucial role in your overall health. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are essential to maintaining good oral health, which can help prevent various health issues.

In conclusion, investing in your smile is not just about vanity but can significantly impact your personal and professional life. So, don’t hesitate to improve your smile and confidence today!

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Baby Dental – Tip on Buying Toothpaste

Feb. 21st 2024

In a prior post, we discussed the fluoride content and effectiveness of your toothpaste. To get the most from your toothpaste, consider buying toothpastes that exclude ingredients that reduce fluoride bioavailability, like SLS. Also, buy your toothpaste in smaller containers and at more frequent intervals so that your toothpaste stays fresh. This simple trick will help your teeth remain strong and is especially important for individuals at high risk for cavities.

When buying toothpaste, it’s important to consider additional factors beyond the fluoride content. For example, if you have sensitive teeth, look for toothpaste specifically designed to address this issue. Additionally, if you have certain dietary restrictions or allergies, carefully check the ingredients list to ensure that the toothpaste is safe for you to use. Finally, consider the texture and flavor of the toothpaste, as this can impact your overall experience and encourage you to stick to a consistent brushing routine. Ultimately, the best toothpaste for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences, so take some time to explore your options and find the one that works best for you.

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Fluoride Bioavailability in Your Toothpaste – Baby Dental

Feb. 19th 2024

The longer your toothpaste sits on the shelf after it is manufactured, the more time there is for fluoride to combine with ingredients in your toothpaste like abrasives, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), etc., which reduce the overall fluoride content and effectiveness of your toothpaste. Studies have shown that this reduction in fluoride availability can occur rapidly over the first few months after toothpaste is manufactured. This happens even before your toothpaste reaches its expiration date.

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