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Dental care for kids, Getting a dental filling done on a three year old

Nov. 29th 2010

My daughter is three and she has one small cavity.  I made an appointment for her to have the dental filling done but I really do not know what to expect.  Should I tell her what the dentist will do in order to fix her cavity or just not say much at all and let her just experience it.

I will be with her when she having the filling done but not sure how she will behave.  She is okay with having cleanings but she does not like them.   Any advise it our first cavity in the family.

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Dental care for kids, Going to a pediatric dentist

Sep. 20th 2010

My son is three and I would like for him to go see a dentist now.  It would be the first time going to the dentist and I am not sure if he can see a general dentist or if he has to go to a more expensive pediatric dentist.   I want him to have good teeth care but if all he going to have is a check up can that be done by any dentist?

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Dental care for kids

Oct. 20th 2009

How do you find good dental care for kids

I have a two year old that will need to start seeing a dentist.  My husband had us on his dental insurance, it is a very good plan.   I am not worry so much about cost.  What I am wanting to know is how do I find a good dental office for my daughter.   The dentist that both my husband and I go to is good for us.

However, I do not think he gives good dental care to kids.  Seems to me he really does not like getting young kids although he will still take them.  I say this because I have seen him with others kids and he just seems short with them.  Also I spoke to the office staff and was told that they are fit more for adults, but if my child is good with the dentist they can take her too.

How do I go about finding a dentist that will not just take my son but will make my son feel welcome and will a coarse do good work.

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