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Dental Teeth care, no dental insurance.

Jul. 27th 2010

My husband teeth are going bad. He is in pain off and on and really needs to see a dentist about his bad teeth.  However we do not have dental insurance and since we just had twins girls we do not have the extra money for him to have major dental work done.

Please help were can he go to fix his teeth up without costing us an arm and a leg?  I hate seeing my husband wince when he causes his teeth to hurt by eating something.  He wants to put it off saying we need the money for our daughters which I understand but him being in pain is not helpful to anyone.

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Baby Dental Care, My son has an impacted wisdom tooth, No dental insurance

May. 25th 2010

My almost 16 year old son as an impacted wisdom tooth.  He is in a great deal of pain.  My problem is that I had to change jobs this year so our dental insurance will not cover for an extraction for another seven months.   My son is complaining that the toothache pain is giving him a headache as well.

This just started to happen with in the last two days.  I took him to see the dentist so that how I know it is an impacted wisdom tooth.  The thing is I have to have it pulled but can not afford to see an oral surgeon without the insurance and there is no way he can go for seven months without this issue being address.   I need help please.  What can I do to have my son wisdom tooth pulled now? Advise please

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