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Baby Teeth Question

Mar. 30th 2010

Baby tooth seems to be cutting in funny

My son who is now six months old is getting some more teeth cutting though.  He has a few other teeth on the bottom that came in normally.  Now he is starting to have some top teeth come in and one of them does not look like it is cutting though right.  It seems to look like it is coming out of the side of  his gum instead of straight out from the top.   Will this work it self out or is the tooth coming out too high up is gums?   As anyone ever had this problem with baby top teeth coming out?  Should I take him to the dentist? Or is this normal?

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Baby Teeth question

Jan. 14th 2010

My son is five months and just started cutting his first tooth.  So far teething rings and Orajel is working just fine.  So I am thankful that he is not having any real problems that come with teething. My question is once a baby get their first teeth how long does it take to get the rest in?  Do they all pretty much start to come in around the same time making the process fast?

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