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Florida Baby dental care, Baby dental caries

Dec. 13th 2010

My husband and I live in FL and we are having our first child.  It still months away but I been reading and little about baby teeth care.  We to make sure we do all we can so that  our child does not get dental carries and have to have issues with having bad teeth.

We know how fast dental carries can happen since we know two people that in the past had their child dealing with it.   I would like some good tips on baby teeth care.

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Baby Dental Caries, My daughter has dental caries

Jun. 21st 2010

My five year old daughter has dental caries.  She currently need four filling an a possible baby root canal.  I have dental insurance but it does not cover much and I have already maxed out it 1000.00 yearly limit.  I found this is easy to do when your child’s teeth keep getting cavities.

I take good are of her teeth by making her brushing and flossing after every meal.  The dentist says she just has week baby teeth.  With all the dental work she currently need can I get another dental plan just for her to help me with the extensive on going dental work?

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Baby dental caries

Oct. 23rd 2009

Can my baby have caries

I have a seven month old baby boy.  I started to notice a brown spot on his tooth that I thought may have been a bit of food.   I bush it to no avail.   I have an dental appointment in three days.  I just do not understand how my baby could be getting caries when I take care to brush the teeth he has.  I do not leave him with a baby bottle in fact I breast feed him most of the time.  So what can be the cause of the cavities?

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