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Baby teeth, taking care of my two year old teeth

Oct. 8th 2010

Is the a right or wrong way to clean your two year old  teeth.  Right now I am using a small child toothbrush and brush her teeth much like I would my own.  I use just a very little toothpaste because I heard you really one should use very little toothpaste due to the fluoride in it.   I will be taking her to her first dental appointment in another month but would like some tips to make sure I am doing all I can for her teeth at home.

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Baby teeth, Wierd baby tooth question

Aug. 5th 2010

I am going on 24 years old and I still have a baby tooth.  Here is the thing when I was young I had a loose baby tooth that I was too scared just to pull out.  My parents were poor and then did not take me to the dentist for this.

I am now almost 24 and even though the adult tooth came in the baby tooth never did fall out.  It is behind the adult tooth.   The adult is a little misshapen an and crooked due to the baby tooth behind it.

Now that I have a full time job I get dental insurance so I want to go to the dentist.  Since this will be the first time been to the dentist that I can recall what will a dentist do?  Will they pull the baby tooth?  Advise please so I know what to expect.

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Baby Dental Care, Five minor cavities on baby teeth

May. 22nd 2010

Should I have them filled?

So I took my eight year old son for his yearly dental check up.  The dentist use a probe to check for cavities and tooth decay and found five cavities on his baby teeth.   He said right now the cavities are all really small but they should be filled.  With my dental insurance plan we get from my husband job  each filling will cost us $45.00 so that would be a total of $225.00 money we really can not afford at this time.
I am thinking that these are baby teeth.  He should be loosing them with in the next few years.  Since they are so small can we wait?  I am worried that if we do nothing they may get bigger but how fast can a cavity grow to were it is a larger issue then just a filling? Can I wait since this is a money issue or is it better to suck it up and pay for the fillings now?
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