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Dental question, Can a child get Gingivitis

Thursday, May. 20th 2010 7:41 PM

I have a nine year old son and we just got back from the dentist.  His dentist told me that my sons teeth are very strong and at this time he has no cavities.  (he never had any cavities)  However,  the dentist is also telling me that my son brushing habits are not good and he does not think my son is flossing.  Due to that the dentist said he is showing signs of gingivitis.   I though only adult get gingivitis.

I am a little upset over this since I make sure my son brushes and although he does not always floss like he should I can not understand why he should be getting gingivitis.  Now the dentist is saying he needs to have a deep cleaning.  Afterwords he should then come in three to four times for just a normal cleaning until he brushes better and the gingivitis is under control.   I have good dental insurance so it not about money but I just wondering if this sounds right to other people.

I do trust my dentist it just seems like a lot of dental work for a child that does not have all his adult teeth in yet.   Anyone else have this issue with their kids that they can advise me about?

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Dental question, Can a child get Gingivitis, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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2 Comments on “Dental question, Can a child get Gingivitis”

  1. Carol Says:

    Good oral habits are leaned right from the start with your baby teeth. If your son does not have them now why will he have them when is adult teeth are in?

    Your dentist is right on. Your son can brush all he wants but without flossing he is only do half the job he should be doing. Anyone of any age can get gingivitis.

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  2. Jallme Says:

    Are you for real? Anyone can get gingivitis. It has nothing to do with age. One way to get gingivitis is by not flossing daily. I would listen to your dentist and then get on your son more about flossing his teeth.

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