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Baby Dental, Sinus Health and Dental Health

Thursday, Jan. 25th 2018 6:13 AM

How sinus infection effect your dental health.

If you ever suffer from a sinus infection the you may have also suffer from dental pain. Sinus infection tooth pain happens when the fluid that builds up in the sinus cavities during a sinus infection put direct pressure on your upper teeth which are close to the maxillary sinuses. One of the possible side effects from a sinus infection is increase risk of tooth decay.

The reason for this is that normally when a person has a sinus infection that can start breathing through their mouth. Mouth breathing promotes a dry mouth, and a dry mouth can increase your risk of dental health problems. Saliva in the mouth helps digest food and wash away the bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gingivitis. Therefore if you do get sinus infections often make sure to tell your dentist about it.

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