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Baby Dental, How do you get your child to use a children toothbrush

Thursday, Feb. 1st 2018 6:42 AM

Question: How do you start getting your child to brush their teeth.  My son is almost three and I am still brushing his teeth, because he will not do it on his own.  When he does try he just chews on the tooth brush he does not really brush his teeth.  Is he still to young to brush his own teeth?  Should I wait until he is older to get him to brush his teeth right?  Or is there a trick I can use to get him to brush is teeth correctly?

Reply: Many children like to copy their parents. Show him how to brush is teeth by brushing yours with him. You may have to do this a few times before he get it down. Try and make it fun to brush his teeth. Do you best to take your time with him.  Also your dentist will be able to give you very helpful advise if you find yourself still having trouble.

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