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Baby Dental – Missing Teeth

Sunday, Jul. 14th 2019 6:42 AM

Missing Teeth and Proper Dental Health Care+

Did you know if you are missing one or more teeth you may see a difference in your chewing as well as speaking. You may even notice a difference in your face and profile. For many people missing teeth can cause low self esteem. Making them smile and laugh less for fare of people seeing their teeth.

Proper dental care can and will help fix your teeth.

Bridges: Bridges will not only fix the gap cause by missing teeth but will restore the shape of your face as well as alleviate the difference in your bite. A dentist could also advise fixed or partial dentures when needed. Bridges and partial will look just like your normal teeth and give you back the smile you want to have.

Implants: Another option though be it normally a more costly option would be dental implants. Dental implants are artificial teeth that attaches directly to the jaw. Not everyone can have implants but a dentist can advise if that is an option for you. Talk to a dentist over all your dental options and see which one you feel will be best for you.

Most dental insurance plans will cover a portion of the cost for dental bridges, partials and or dentures. At this time it is still hard to find dental insurance that offer coverage’s for dental implants. Therefore when it comes to implants you may want to review dental discount plans for cost savings. However read your dental insurance plan terms and conditions and when in doubt call the company so you can know for sure what you are and are not covered for. Keep us in mind for any of your dental insurance dental plan needs. We are hear to help you get the best dental plan for your current dental needs.


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