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Baby Dental – Pregnancy and Gum Disease

Tuesday, Dec. 24th 2019 6:33 AM

Question: I am one and a half months pregnant with gum disease. I was just informed by my dentist that I have gingivitis/gum disease. So my gums are in bad shape, I was told that first I will need to start off with a deep cleaning. He would treat my gums with antibiotics after the deep cleaning session which I will need three treatments.

Now that I know I am pregnant can I still have my dental work done or wait until after the baby is born. I can just brush and floss really good until the baby is born right? A friend of mine in the past was pregnant and needed two filling, because she was seven months pregnant they told her she should wait. Advise is welcome

Reply: Just cause you are pregnant dose not mean you can not have dental care. Just make sure to inform your dentist you are pregnant if you have not already done so. He or she will take the necessary precautions. If there are some dental care services that they feel you should wait until after the baby is born they would let you know. Otherwise, you do not want your gum disease to get worse, gum disease has been link to low birth weight.

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