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Dental insurance for children

Monday, Oct. 19th 2009 2:45 PM

When is a good time to add baby to your dental insurance plan.

In order to determine the correct time to add your child to your dental insurance plan requires knowing just a few facts about your dental insurance.   If you have a new born and are not sure if you should add your child now or latter to your dental insurance plan.  Call their member service line and ask them what their policy terms are for adding  additional household members.

Some dental insurance plans do not charge more for having another child,   if  you currently have their family plan.  Therefor,  you can add your child at any time without it effecting you premium cost.

With that being said if you have dental insurance for only you and or you and a spouse,  adding a child may make the cost of your insurance go up.  You may therefor what to wait until the child is older.  Doing that will help avoid any increases in the cost of your plan, until you  start taking your child to the dentist.

Always check with your dental plan carrier to verify if you are subject to any enrollment or cut off dates.  That way you can make any necessary plan changes before the cut off period to avoid being out another year or policy term.

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One Comment on “Dental insurance for children”

  1. Suzanne Hope Says:

    Carol pointed out some very good facts. My dental insurance policy I had with GoldenWest added my second son with no additional cost to me. At the time I thought that it would increase my policy cost so I did not add my son until much latter.

    Now I know better. So it is a good idea to call you plan provider and find out what their rules are for adding an additional members to your plan.

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