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Children dental hygiene

Tuesday, Oct. 20th 2009 6:25 PM

How do I get my son to brush his teeth

I have a six year old son Tony.  and a five year old Daughter Jenny.  My problem is I have to fight with my son to get him to brush his teeth after breakfast and dinner.   He always starts in saying that he does not want to brush or he wines about having to brush.  I also have to watch him the whole time he is brushing to make sure he is really doing it.

My daughter as no problem about brushing her teeth but sees that Tony acts up when he has to.  I am worried if I let this continue she may feel like she does not have to brush either.   Sorry to say but my husband is just no help in this matter.

He just tells my son if his teeth rots out he will not be paying for them to get fixed.  I think he is too young to really understand what my husband is saying to him, either that or he does not care.  I do not know for sure.

Advise on how to get him to want to brush would be helpful to me.

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3 Comments on “Children dental hygiene”

  1. Grace Says:

    Tell your son Tony if he does not brush his teeth you will brush them for him. You may have to brush his teeth few times before he sees that it is easier on him to do it himself. That what I did to my daughter who would not brush. She quickly learned not to give me any hazels about brushing her teeth.

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  2. Suzanne Says:

    My son just hated to brush is teeth too. He would give both his dad and I a hard time about it. Until one day I saw him watching my husband use his battery operated toothbrush.

    He saw how it vertebrate and wanted to use it just like his dad did. I told him that only big boys can use a battery operated toothbrush and that he was just a baby since I still had to fight with him to get him to brush with the baby toothbrush.

    He said he was not a baby. I simply told him to prove it. If he could brush his teeth with the “baby toothbrush” without giving me a hard time for a week I would get him a toothbrush just like his dads.

    This trick worked and now my son love brushing his teeth with the battery operated big boy toothbrush. I got him one that looked just like his dads. They now brush their teeth together. It has not only made it nice for myself not fighting my son to brush his teeth, but it gave my husband something else to do with my son for guy time.

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  3. Kris Harris Says:

    Thank God for the electric toothbrush it was the answer to my prayers. My daughter was a bit of a pain when it came to brushing her teeth too.

    However, she just loves anything to do with the Disney princesses. I found an electric toothbrush with Sleeping Beauty and she been a happy camper brushing her teeth since.

    Find a toothbrush that you son would really like. Maybe even just have him pick one out. If it is something he likes it may just be something he will like to use to.

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