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I want to sue my X scam artist dentist.

Tuesday, May. 11th 2010 11:53 AM

Do you think I have a case

A six months ago I went to the dentist that was covered by my husband dental insurance he gets though is job.  I changed my original dentist to go to this new one in order to have some dental coverage.  At that time I was five and a half months pregnant with my daughter.

The dentist told me that I needed to have four one surface fillings done as well as a deep cleaning.  I have never had any cavities or gum problems but believed what the dentist was telling me at that time.  Even with the dental insurance our share of cost came out to $400.00.   The bill being over $1000.00

After our daughter was born both my husband and I went to the dentist for our normal check ups. Where then we are both told we have more cavities that needed to be filled and that my husband should have deep cleaning as well.   Making a combined dental bill totaling up to over $2300.00 in dental cost.   At this point both my husband and I became suspicious of this dentist.

We had my my first set of X rays and all the new X rays for both my husband and I transferred to my original dentist for a second opinion.   I was told by my  dentist he does not see any cavities on the any of the set of   X-rays that were transferred to him.

Both my husband and I paid  for new X-rays to be  done by him. Just to have the same results,  he does not see any cavities.  He also stated he see no reason for my husband to get a deep cleaning.  Since I already had a deep cleaning all he could say is that I do not need one now either.

I feel like I was completely taken vantage of  by the dentist that had me do filling and a deep cleaning that was not necessary.  This was an assault I was pregnant at the time and could not have the adequate drugs during the filling and deep cleaning so the whole time he was working on me I was in pain but put up with it thinking it was necessary.  I want my money back that we spent as well as money for the pain he caused me to have for unnecessary work.
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I want to sue my X scam artist dentist. , 4.4 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

4 Comments on “I want to sue my X scam artist dentist.”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Remember you can try to take anyone to court. The question would be if you can win. Talk to a lawyer and see what the lawyer feels. They will let you know if they think you have any chance of winning.

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  2. Carol Says:

    Well many times cavities do not show up on X-rays. They are too small or in between teeth. That is why a dentist uses a probe tool that he pokes your teeth with to find smaller cavities. I think it would be hard to prove you did not have any cavities at the time he did your fillings.

    If you feel like you got taken talk to the insurance company which had that dentist on the plan. At the very least, if complaints are logged in the insurance company may kick the dentist off the plan. They do not want dentist that are going to make their plan seem bad.

    Also keep in mind some dentist are more pro active then others. Meaning they may advise on having a filling on a small cavity then waiting out to see if it get bigger.

    Same with the deep cleaning one dentist may say you do not need one where another could advise that you do. It does not me that the one saying you need a deep cleaning is trying to pull a fast one on you. It is only their professional opinion. Dentist opinions varies. That why people get second opinions.

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  3. Troy Says:

    Well I have had dentist in the past that I would love to sue. However, it is not easy to win cases like the one you stated. It would be hard to prove that you did not have cavities at least not solely based on X-rays.

    Really I think you have to average out what is more important to you. Moving on and finding another dentist one that you may be able trust.

    Or fighting a battle that you may not win over principal. I am not say not to sue your scam artist dentist (your words) if that how you feel. It is just easier to fight for principal when you are not a wife an mom of a new born and any other children you may have.

    Talk things over with your husband and then maybe seek some legal advise before deciding what is the best coarse of action for you. In the end do what you feel is best for you and your family

    Good luck

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  4. Benny Says:

    You can sue whomever you want to. I can understand and see where you are coming from so if it is important to you see if you have a case by taking to a lawyer. No lawyer will want to take a case they feel they do not have a chance at winning. So get some legal advise and see where you stand.

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