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Dental question, How are different teeth refer to by a dentist.

Wednesday, May. 12th 2010 7:30 PM

Teeth questions what is # 19

So my nine year old son had to have his teeth inspected by the school dentist.  This is something his school does.  My son brought back the report done by the school dentist which states he has a cavity in tooth 19 that needs a filling.

I do not know what tooth number 19 is.  So if anyone could tell me that would be helpful.  I looked at his teeth and did not see anything wrong of hand.  Since they do not do X-rays, I would think if a school dentist could see a cavity so could I.
Let me state I do not completely trust some school dentist.   My son takes really good care of his teeth I make sure he brushes twice a day and flosses after dinner too.  He has never had a cavity.
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Dental question, How are different teeth refer to by a dentist. , 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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2 Comments on “Dental question, How are different teeth refer to by a dentist.”

  1. Andrew Gollab Says:

    Tooth 19 is one of the first molars. That said about seeing a cavity just because a dentist did not take X-rays does not mean you should be able to see the cavity. A dentist will use his tools that he can probe the tooth surface with. So he is able to spot a cavity that you not being a dentist can not.

    If you do not trust the school dentist that is fine but you still may want to take your son to see his dentist to confirm if the school dentist is correct or not.

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  2. Kay Belson Says:

    It is one of the closer molars to the front of the teeth. I would have to agree that the dentist (even a school dentist) should be able to detect a cavity that you may not be able to see by just looking into your son’s mouth.

    From my experience from a school dentist they are just trying to point out issues you may not be aware of so that you can address them with you family dentist. So I am not sure why you seem to be upset. Some times even when we do our part by brushing a flossing cavities can happen.

    Go to your family dentist and just have it check out. It be great if the school dentist is wrong but if he right and you do nothing the cavity may only get bigger becoming a larger issue then it needed to be.

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