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Two months pregnant with a terrible toothache

Thursday, May. 13th 2010 11:22 AM

Toothache is making me sleepless in Maryland

I had this really bad toothache for the last two day which as been keeping me awake.  I just got back from the dentist.  I was told by my dentist that I have a large size cavity in my back wisdom tooth.   Up until now I did not need to have it pulled because it was not giving me any problems.

He said normally he would advise getting it pulled.  However since I am two months pregnant he can not pull it.  So he has prescribed  penicillin, vicodin  and a strong mouthwash.   He said it was safe to take while I was pregnant but the vicodin is making me sleepy and I am not sure that would be good for the baby. Also anyone know if it is okay to take the penicillin?
Advise please thank you
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Two months pregnant with a terrible toothache, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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2 Comments on “Two months pregnant with a terrible toothache”

  1. Kay Belson Says:

    Have you talked to your OBGYN??? I would advise talking to you OBGYN and seeing what is advised for you. Your family dentist may not want to pull the tooth because you are pregnant. However, if the tooth is causing you problems you can have it pull by a specialist (oral surgeon)

    It really is not good to be in pain for the seven months you still have left. It makes no sense for you to have to go though that and it is not good for you baby either. I am not sure why people think they can not have dental work if they are pregnant they can the dentist just needs to know a head of time so the proper care can be given.

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  2. Greta Says:

    I had the same thing happen to me a really bad toothache when I was three months pregnant. I needed to have a root canal and a crown. My general dentist said that he did not want to do the root canal since I was pregnant and told me to see a Endodontics dentist for the root canal and then he would put on the crown for me.

    I did talk things over with my OBGYN and she said it would be better for me to have the root canal now since I was only three months pregnant. She said if I let the tooth get worse it will not only cause me more pain, but could be a hazard to my child if it get abscessed allowing bacteria to run though my system.

    Well that was what was advise for me. So talk things over with the dentist that could do the dental work needed and your doctor to make sure you will be okay so you can feel good about having the dental work done.

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