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Baby Dental – Gum Disease is an Emerging Health Concern.

Friday, Feb. 26th 2021 8:34 AM

Two more small studies have strengthens the evidence that links periodontal disease with other health conditions. One Study focused on atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). The researchers took samples of diseased arteries from 53 people. They also took samples of healthy arteries from 21 other people. They tested the arteries for bacteria that cause periodontal disease. The study found that 53% of the diseased arteries had periodontal bacteria in them and only 24% of the healthy ones did. The other study focused on people with type 2 diabetes which included 60 people.

Twenty had periodontal disease and diabetes. Another 20 had periodontal disease, but not diabetes. The last 20 had diabetes, but not periodontal disease. People with diabetes and periodontal disease had higher blood sugar levels and poorer blood-sugar control than people who had diabetes only. The  people with both conditions also had more of a protein called C-reactive protein. Higher levels reflect more inflammation in the body. This group also had the lowest levels of HDL. The study is in the October issue of the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.

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Baby Dental - Gum Disease is an Emerging Health Concern., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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