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The Pros and Cons of Dental PPO Insurance Plan

Tuesday, Jul. 21st 2015 8:13 AM

Dental PPO insurance plans are commonly use in group dental plans. Many employers offer PPO plans in order to make sure their employees have dental providers they can go to regardless of any network availability.  However PPO plans are also sold to individuals, couples and families directly.

PPO Pros

* Dentist Availability:  PPO plans have a large network of dental providers. This is helpful when wanting to stay within the plans network of dental providers, let also wanting a larger selection to choose from.

* Out Side Network: Most PPO plans provide coverages for dentist that are not a participating network dentist. Therefore affording you the option of choosing a dentist in the plan network or outside the plans network.

* Specialist: Under a PPO dental Insurance plan, members can set appointments and receive care from dental specialists whenever they desire.  Other types of insurance plans (such as an HMO) requires the patient to receive a referral from their primary dentist before being seen by a specialists.  With this PPO advantage, the patient can visit a specialist immediately for more specialized needs.

PPO Cons

* Waiting Periods: Waiting period is the time period one needs to have had the plan prior to having certain dental services covered by the plan.  Such as many PPO plans have a six month waiting periods for basic dental services and 12 months waiting period for major dental care. Where as normally there is no waiting periods for preventive dental care services. Waiting periods will very depending on the plan you are reviewing.

* Maximum Limitation: A maximum limitation is the dollar about the insurance company is willing to pay out per person per year. This can be a con when the cost for your needed dental care is going to excess the maximum limitation so make sure you are buying the highest maximum limitation that will best fit your dental care needs.

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