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Baby Dental – Talking to Your Dentist

Saturday, Dec. 24th 2022 6:27 AM

Make sure you talk to your dentist. An important part of every dental visit is updating your medical history. Your dentist will want to know if you have had any changes in your health or your medicines since your last visit. Mention everything about your health, even if you do not think it relates to your mouth. Many diseases can affect your mouth and teeth.

Researchers continue to discover ways in which oral health is related to overall health. For example, people with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease. Research also suggests that periodontal infection can affect your blood sugar levels. It can make your diabetes harder to control. Other health conditions may require your dentist to change the type of anesthesia given.

Bring a list of all medicines you take, with dosages. Some medicines cause dry mouth, which can increase the risk of cavities. Your dentist also will want to check that any drug he or she prescribes does not interact with drugs you are already taking.

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