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4 Root canals needed on my three year old

Friday, Jan. 22nd 2010 12:44 PM

My three and  half year old need root canals

I feel just terrible.  I just got back from taking my son to the dentist and was told he need four root canals two on is top front teeth and two on the back molars.  He also as a few cavities that need to be address as well.

I was told by the dentist that I can do the filling and pull the teeth that need the root canals or do the filling and the root canals.   The dentist stated he would rather save the teeth but it is cheaper to have them pulled.
I feel bad because I have always have a hard time getting him to brush his teeth.  He fights me so much about it that sometimes I let him get away without brushing.  I also let him sleep with a sippy cup of milk that I just found out by the dentist is total wrong and is why he may have such bad tooth decay.

So advise please should I just pull the four teeth since it would be much less costly and fit in my budget or have the root canals done?   The filling I will get done since my dental insurance will cover most of the cost for fillings.  So I only need advise on which why to go on the four main problem teeth.

Any opinions would really help
Thanks =)

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4 Root canals needed on my three year old, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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One Comment on “4 Root canals needed on my three year old”

  1. Scott James Says:

    Well now you are stuck you can not just make the dental work go away. I would advise getting the teeth fixed. Pulling baby teeth too soon can have adverse affects on how the adult teeth come in.

    However with that being said if you can only afford to pull them then it would be better then doing nothing. Do not continue feeling bad about the present problem but learn from it to make a better future.

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