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Do you need to take kids to the dentist every six months

Friday, Jul. 17th 2015 6:09 AM

Question:  I am wondering  is it necessary to take kids to see a dentist every six months.  This seems like overkill to me and just another way  for dentists to make more money.  My kids go to the dentist once a year and so far are cavity free.  Even for myself it been more like three years since I last seen a dentist but I do not have any dental issues.  I do not have current dental insurance for my family right now but even if I did I do not see going to the dentist twice a year as necessary.

Answer:   Twice a year dental checks are the standard but not always the rule.  Many people see a dentist twice a year since most dental insurance plans provides for free preventive care which includes twice a year basic cleanings and check ups.   How often you or your child go will depend on your oral health needs.  The main goal with check ups is to catch small dental problems early on.  Often this mean twice a year exams normally once every six months.  Your dentist however depending on your dental needs may suggest you visit more or less depending on how well you take care of your teeth and gums.

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