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Baby dental care and detecting TMJ

Nov. 7th 2010

I have a four month old son.  Both husband and I had cases of TMJ.  I had dental care and treatment when I was a child and my husband just kind of put up with his since he says it not so bad.  I wondering if there are signs where you can see if there is going to be TMJ issues before they really start and get a head of it.   I  am hoping my son will not have to worry about it but if he does I would like to catch it right away.

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Baby Dental, What are some of the signs to TMJ ?

May. 29th 2010

I think that my son who is ten may have TMJ.  He tells me some times in the morning when he get up that his jaw hurt or feels like it is locking.  After a while he says it get better later on in the day.  So I am not sure if he has TMJ or maybe he is grinding his teeth at night.  What are some of the signs to TMJ that I could be looking for?  Can a dentist tell whether or not he has TMJ or grinding issues?

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