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I have a new baby and need Extensive Dental work done.

Tuesday, Apr. 27th 2010 6:48 AM

Hi  I just had my son who is now two months old.  I will be getting extensive dental work that I have been putting off partly because of being pregnant and partly because I did not have any dental insurance at the time.

I am now on my husband’s dental insurance plan.  Although some of the dental work I will be having is not covered, I am still going to go ahead with having the work done.  My husband is okay with the extra cost because he knows it is necessary.

I am in need of so much dental work that I know it will be an on going process.  I believe I will need extractions, root canals, fillings  and I am not sure but if not implants (depending on cost) at least a bridge or partial.

So here is my question.  My son still comes first and since I a nursing will having this much dental work done be an issue?   Is there anything that I should stay away from so that it will not effect my milk.?  Has anyone had extensive dental work after having a baby ?   If so please tell me some personal experiences or tips that can help me ease my mind.

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I have a new baby and need Extensive Dental work done., 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings
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3 Comments on “I have a new baby and need Extensive Dental work done.”

  1. Mimi Says:

    I had a lot of dental work myself after my daughter was born. I too nursed. Nothing the dentist did effected my milk. However I made the choice not to take the pain medicine.

    If you are worried about they type of dental work and what is needed. Asks both your dentist and your doctor and see what they may have to say.

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  2. Kay Belson Says:

    As long as you do not have to be medicated or put to sleep you should be fine. I do agree though to ask the dentist and your doctor any questions you need in order to feel save about having the dental work done.

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  3. Susan Says:

    Congratulations on having your son. I say go head with your dental work do not keep putting it off for one reason or the other. Having dental work done will not effect you with nursing.

    In fact your milk may be better, you run more of a risk with having bad teeth, tooth decay and gum infection.

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