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I have a new baby and need Extensive Dental work done.

Tuesday, Apr. 27th 2010 6:48 AM

Hi  I just had my son who is now two months old.  I will be getting extensive dental work that I have been putting off partly because of being pregnant and partly because I did not have any dental insurance at the time.

I am now on my husband’s dental insurance plan.  Although some of the dental work I will be having is not covered, I am still going to go ahead with having the work done.  My husband is okay with the extra cost because he knows it is necessary.

I am in need of so much dental work that I know it will be an on going process.  I believe I will need extractions, root canals, fillings  and I am not sure but if not implants (depending on cost) at least a bridge or partial.

So here is my question.  My son still comes first and since I a nursing will having this much dental work done be an issue?   Is there anything that I should stay away from so that it will not effect my milk.?  Has anyone had extensive dental work after having a baby ?   If so please tell me some personal experiences or tips that can help me ease my mind.

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