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Baby Dental – Terrible Teeth Need Dental Help

Thursday, Oct. 21st 2021 6:07 AM

Question: I am eighteen, and my teeth are in very bad shape. I always had bad teeth even my baby teeth were cavity ridden.  Now with my adult teeth I have already have had seven cavities that needed to be filled.  My mom was paying for my dental work out of her pocket since we never had any dental insurance but she told me today that she is no longer going to be paying my dental bills and that I better start taken care of my teeth.  The thing is I do brush three times a day most days.  It is not like I do not try and take care of my teeth they are just week or something.  Right now I my teeth are okay since I just seen the dentist three months ago.  But what if I keep getting cavities like I have in the past.  How am I going to pay my own dental bills?

Answer: Well since you are now 18 you can get your own dental insurance plan that will make having dental work affordable. You do not have to do what your mom did and pay out of pocket for your dental services when there are so many affordable dental insurance plans available to you.   You may want to look at dental HMO insurance plans as a starting point. Just key in your zip code at the top of the screen to get a dental insurance quote and to be able to review all the plans that is available to you in your state.

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