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Sliver crown on a seven year old baby tooth

Thursday, May. 6th 2010 11:08 AM

When I took my son in for his dental appointment they found a cavity on one of his back molars. The dentist said it was a large cavity and is close to the nerve.  He is advising that he fixes the cavity and then put a silver crown on it.

My problem is not in getting the crown but in getting a silver one.  Right now they show no signs of an adult tooth coming in yet to replace that tooth.  What if he never gets the adult tooth and then has to live with a silver crown the rest of his life.

I asked the dentist about the adult tooth and he was just saying it is not showing up on the X-rays yet. What are my options? I talked things over with my husband and we are getting a second opinion.  However I would love to hear some advise on this.

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