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Baby Dental – Insurance for Dentures in California. 

Friday, Apr. 19th 2024 1:27 PM

Question: I am 52 and have been fighting for years to keep my teeth. After years of having major dental services dealing with dental pain all the time and not counting the expense, I am tired of it all. I am considering pulling the teeth I have left and getting complete dentures. The dentist I am going to now does not want to pull my teeth, saying they do not need to be pulled and I should continue having dental care for them. Sure, once they’re pulled and I get dentures, there will be no more dental bills. I am looking for a dental insurance plan to let me have dentures if that is what I want and not say it is elective and not cover them. Please advise. 

Answer: I suggest reviewing dental discount plans. You would want the flexibility that a dental discount plan gives you. With a dental discount plan, your dental services will be up to you and the dentist within the plan. The company does not state what you can or can not have done. 

You get discounted savings for all your dental needs when the services are rendered. If you want dentures, you pay only the discounted cost for them as listed on the fee schedule. You would need to find a dentist in the plan willing to pull out teeth that may not have to be pulled. So make phone calls and ensure you have a dentist in the plan to work with you and your needs.

Also, here is something to think about. Even if you have complete dentures, you must see a dentist regularly for check-ups to ensure that your gums and mouth are healthy. Dentists can also evaluate the fit and function of your dentures and make any necessary adjustments. Additionally, regular dental check-ups can help detect potential oral health issues before they become more serious problems.

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