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Baby Dental, Insurance That Provides Benefits for Dental Surgery.

Wednesday, Oct. 26th 2022 9:12 AM

Question:  I am searching for dental insurance plan that provides benefits for dental surgery without having long waiting periods.  My son needs to have his wisdom teeth pull.  He is 18  and two of the four wisdom teeth are starting to hurt him but he does not have dental insurance currently.  I been looking around for a plan to get him, however all the plans I have reviewed will make him wait a year of more before they offer benefits on oral surgery.  Where can I find a dental insurance plan that will help him right away.

Answer:  You have two options:  The first one would be getting a dental discount plan.  Even though a dental discount plan is not insurance it will save you 20 percent off the cost of any specialist in the plan including oral surgeons.   You son can buy a dental discount plan and in most cases see a dentist with in the next business day of buying the dental discount plan.   There are no waiting periods for any dental services under a dental discount plan.

The second option would be a dental HMO insurance plan.  Under most dental HMO insurance plans there are also no waiting periods for dental services.  However you do need go the the general dentist you pick under the plan and get refer out to a specialist.  Like a dental discount plan you have to choose a dentist that is a provider of the plan you pick.

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